Who took the Fun out of Happiness?

Here’s How Fun Got in the Way of Real Happiness.

During my research on happiness I had a huge wake up call. For years I had been confusing happiness with fun. “Crazy-busy” was my standard answer whenever anyone asked me how I had been. I was constantly running around with an extremely full social calendar and unable to ever say “no” to anything. I would have shown up to the opening of an envelope! I eventually discovered that my search for fun was making me unhappy and was a generator of stress and anxiety. I was nursing hangovers, not gettpippy at Disney on caraseling enough sleep and eating on the go. I would rather party than stay home and practice music or visit with my family. I was selfish and lonely. My addiction to fun caused me to spend money on unnecessary items that added on to my growing pile of belongings that bogged me down. I was distracting myself from the work and effort involved in becoming happy with excitement, thrills and good times.

Fun enhances life for those already happy. But for the unhappy, it’s a diversion from their unhappiness. http://meanttobehappy.com


I decided instead of chasing after cheap thrills I would find out what makes people in the world truly happy and get to work.

Components of Happiness for All:

  1. Money – Rich people are not any happier than middle class people, however poverty can be a great cause for stress and unhappiness.
  2. Social Bonding – Belonging to a club or organization with other like-minded people with a common goal or belief.
  3. Flow – Activities that create a Zen like state. This could include playing an instrument, juggling or being a great bartender.
  4. Sleep – Regular sleep and naps.
  5. Strong relationships – Taking time to nurture intimate relationships.
  6. Compassion – Selfless acts for the benefit of others. Living for something that is bigger than one’s self.
  7. Gratitude – Practicing Gratitude.

I am working on reaching a balance of fun and happiness. I am no longer worried about making an appearance at every party or event. I am happy to stay home and write, read or play with my instruments. I try to unplug and not be addicted to my electronic devices, enjoying moments of quiet and dare I say a little bit of boredom once in a while. I am at peace with my home not being perfectly decorated and spending New Years Eve just hanging out. Some people may say that I am not as fun as I used to be, however I am so much happier.

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  1. This is so on point! I love you for your new, old, you self! Material things and events or situations do not come close to the love and experiences you bring to the world! keep on rocking it sister! I would add to this list: body,mind and spirit and how we take care of and direct that aspect of ourselves:) You inspire me, and I can’t think of anything that makes me HAPPIER!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, and I am pleased that you mentioned the body, mind and spirit connection. There are so many aspects to Wellness and if you just spend all of your time at the gym working out, but don’t work on developing your brain power, or you spend all of your time meditating but you do not pay attention to what you eat, you are not creating a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. I have not talked too much about these topics yet, however they are a huge part of Living Big and Small and I hope to have you as a guest blogger sometime! Every day is a new opportunity to improve or damage your health, and I know there are simple and effective ways to incorporate it all into (almost) every day. I would love to hear your ideas! Thank you for your support!!!

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