The Meta-View is Great From Up Here

At the International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

Wow, I am here. I have made it. My 50th Birthday celebration has come to a close. It was as epic as I could have imagined it to be! I had almost two weeks of Birthday festivities including a wonderful birthday party, riding in a hot air balloon at dawn (on Friday the 13th)  being in awe at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, immersing myself in the trippiest art instillation/fun house ever, Meow Wolf and being taken to the top of the world to Diablo Canyon to see the spectacular stars.


Our new room

I found a part-time job in one day (yay!) at the exact place that I wanted to work. (The world has been saying a lot of YES to me lately!)   I am designing my life to be exactly what I want it to be and coach my clients to do the same. I help them to understand who they are and what they truly want so that they can create a clear path towards a fulfilling and meaningful life- designed by them! I have also helped several clients successfully become non-smokers and I have a huge passion to help as many people as I can let go of habits that stand in the way of them and their most magnificent versions of themselves. My program’s aim is to help people become non-smokers verses ex-smokers. Now that I am a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) I plan on getting my ICF credential next (International Coaching Federation) and then continue my study of the effects of Positive Phycology to bring more of that to my coaching. After all, letting go is only the first part. I want to replace what has been lost with positivity. Continued education is now a must for me- I want to be the best person, and best coach that I can be for the benefit of all! Plus, I just find it fascinating!

I am in a physical and mental place where I can heal from my broken marriage, mend (some) of the relationships that I pulled away from and deepen the relationships with the people I love. Letting go is NOT EASY, but I needed to do it, and now I am feeling free, strong and ready to be a little bit vulnerable again and take some chances. I needed to create the space in my heart, and for me, that meant having to carry it around empty for a little while. How much it hurt! How much it was worth it! Because the love I had for myself had a real chance to grow, and I realize that I love myself too much to let anybody or anything toxic into my life again.

I am also NOT saying that everyone should get rid of all of their stuff, end their relationships and clear their calendars. I am saying that designing a life, YOUR life, is up to you- and just like designing a room, you have to eliminate what you don’t want before you can add in anything new. Sometimes you have to sit in an empty room to decide how you would like it decorated instead of just putting the first thing you find back in there. I AM saying to create the empty space, enjoy the boredom, emptiness and possibilities of that empty space and take your time and choose carefully before putting anything back in. Out of the quiet, stillness and boredom- the best ideas arrive!  And when you do fill the room up again, only putting in things that you completely love will give you the loveliest room of all. (see what I did there?)

I am planning to continue sharing my journey, being enthusiastic about letting go of things that do not serve me and continue to live an even more simple and more meaningful life. I will coach my clients and write in my blog from this perspective. After all of these years, my passion for simplicity has not changed. I have found joy, peace and even times of bliss, and it all started with that first garage sale. My longing for you is that you have the space in your heart, your home and your schedule to fill it up with only what you love. This is my life’s work and helping people even experience a glimpse of it  it brings me more meaning than anything ever has.

Being up in a hot air balloon amongst the clouds as I turned 50 gave me a unique perspective on the world and my life. I could see it  all laid out before me. Everything sure looked small down there, but my life had never felt so BIG!

Up in the hot air balloon on my 50th Birthday!

4 thoughts on “The Meta-View is Great From Up Here

  1. I am so happy for you, friend! I am at the rebuilding phase of my life where I get to choose all the bestest things while not amassing junk or holding on to things because of familial obligation. Please keep posting your blogs and sharing your tips and tricks – we have like minds and I connect to the awesomeness you put out!

    • Tiffany, that is SUCH a great place to find yourself in. I totally get the obligation part, but once you are able to let go it can be so…. liberating! Once family and friends know and understand that your home is not a container for your (or their) stuff, then you start getting better gifts too like massages or photos. It just takes time for the peeps to get it! Letting go of the guilt of letting go is also part of the whole process, I am excited to see what your besets things are!!!

    • That means the world to me! Simplicity has been the fuel that has been keeping my engine running for years now, and I know you were there from the beginning Tammy when I was just starting to figure things out. The process has been slow, but deliberate and simple but def. not easy!! So much love to you!!

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