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Hi, my name is Pippy Tolan and living a life of simplicity has changed everything for the better in my life!

I Launched Live Big and Small in 2015 as a community for simplicity seekers and minimalist mindsets who were tired of the rat-race and letting their lives just happen without intention. This site has now grown into a launching pad for transformational life change for those who are tired of being bogged down by things in their lives that they do not truly love.

I was always seeking happiness through buying more, doing more and saying yes to everything and everyone only to find my life lacking meaning. As soon as I did my first 30- day decluttering challenge and let go of over 500 items from my home, I knew I had found what I was looking for. My life’s mission! Eventually, letting go of over 80 percent of my belongings was only the tip of the iceberg. I took this Big and Small philosophy and tried it with everything. Learning to declutter my entire life and fill it up with only the things that I love has been the best thing that I have ever done. I am so passionate about this that I am compelled to share what I have been through with anyone who is seeking a more meaningful life through the concept of simplicity.

I decided to give up my blog for a year so that I could become certified as a Transformational Life Coach. I finished my certification program at The Coaches Training Institute and am preparing to get my credentials from the International Coaches Federation. I now coach people one-on-one from around the world, helping them discover their own Life’s Purpose and to create more meaning and clarity in their lives. I am so passionate about this work and am thrilled to be back to my blog to tie it all together to bring you even more posts, experiments, programs and challenges. Please contact me if you would like to work with me personally, with a free sample session or if you would like to hire me to speak about my passion for simple living at your next event.

I am beyond ecstatic to share everything I can with all of you and looking forward to your comments, feedback and insight! Thank you so much for stopping by Live Big and Small!


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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am very excited to finally have arrived at Big and Small, as it has been my intention to join and interact with this Blog for quite some time. Perhaps it is because my own life became much more simple within the last day or so that I have had the free space on my mental hard drive to finally take this step forward. I’m very excited to begin reading over much of the advice from such a lovely and radiant soul and my sincerest greeting and salutations to the most magnificent, courageously creative, pretty, poignant and precious Pippy…

    • I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful and kind words. It was amazing to see you at work feeding the artists and although we did not have time to connect, I was very proud of you and was very inspired. I would love you to share more of your personal story with me, perhaps in an interview or as a guest blogger, as you have much to share with this community. Thanks for arriving here, and I hope to see and hear much more from you, Alexander.

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