I’ve Been Doing Small, Now it’s Time to do Some Big!

I have been slowing down on my blog posts, not because of my lack of Passion. I have given myself permission to only do things that I believe are essential. As much as I love this blog, I need time to dedicate to something even more meaningful right now. My Mission.

My Logo thanks to my friend Meghan Lucas-Maguire

My Logo thanks to my friend Meghan Lucas-Maguire 

The definition of Mission I am using here is calling, something even bigger than Passion. After many years of trying to create meaningful work, I finally have the confidence to turn my Passion for Living Big and Small into something really Big –

Live Big and Small Coaching and Consulting!

I am enrolled in a Professional Coaching Institute, working towards becoming certified as a Professional Coach. During my training, I have been going through extensive transformation in my own life. In the courses I am taking in Ft. Lauderdale we coach each other. It is intense and enlightening. I am uncovering my true values and how to honor them in everything that I do. I am discovering what is most important to me. I am learning how be and what to do to create and maintain the life of my dreams. I am finding out that perception can be changed into a positive outlook in just a moment. Most importantly, I have certainty that I will be able to help my clients become the most magnificent versions of themselves. I have never enjoyed learning anything so much. It’s exceptional. I am giddy, excited, dedicated, and focused. I believe that the simple task of decluttering my home has transcended into finding my Mission. I am eternally grateful for finding this path, and for being able to share what I learn with others.

I have many things brewing and I have tons of work to do. This means you may hear from infrequently over the next several months. I am committed to this blog because I love it, and you so much. I intend to intertwine all of it, but for now I have to learn, plan, practice, strategize, and market. I also have to learn some new technical skills to get my virtual office set up. I have to say “no” to lots of things right now so I can say “yes” for some Big things to come. I am also making it a priority not to become “crazy busy.” I intend to work hard on my actions while still taking care of my other values. (I will post about my condensed version of self-care I call my “wee-treats” soon)!

I am currently creating the services I am going to offer and working with several people. I will let you know when I am officially taking on new clients! And a special thanks to those who have allowed me to practice on you! I will not forget your openness and vulnerability.

I hope you stay tuned as I continue to provide my insight, experiments and opinions when I feel compelled to share. Thank you for being here for me. You have given me more than you will ever know. My true desire is for everyone to find their Mission, and I will do whatever I can to help make it as true for you as it is for me.


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2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Doing Small, Now it’s Time to do Some Big!

  1. You are on an amazing path and I am so excited that you are feeling great about this! You can tell how much you are going to love it just by the excitement in the tone of this posting. And that will translate into your clients. Keep on shining! Love you.

    • The encouragement that I receive is such a key part of my success. And I must add that being around like-minded people like YOU Lyndsay keeps my fires burning and ideas churning! You never let anyone forget how wonderful life is!

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