Here’s to a Lean Green & Mean Two Thousand and Sixteen!


Instead of making resolutions this year, I’ve decided to make some intentions instead. This year I intend to live a leaner life by giving out more than I take in and learning to live with less. I intend to live a greener life by being better to the environment. I also intend my life to have more meaning than ever before. Here’s to a lean, green and mean 2016!


A Leaner Life


No Impulse Shopping

When I feel the urge to purchase something that I did not intend to purchase, instead of buying it on the spot and thinking I can just return it later if I don’t use it, I will take a picture of it with my phone’s camera and leave the store. This will give me time to evaluate the purchase and decide outside of the store if this is something that I should return for. If it’s an online item, I will put the item in my wish basket for at least 24 hours before my one-click purchase.


One in-One Out

When I buy new things I will try to find something to give or throw away, right away (This does not include consumables).


Clean Surfaces

I intend to keep my tabletops and countertops as clutter free as possible. This will make it easier to clean and will bring me a more peaceful state of mind.


Empty Space

Just because there are drawers in a dresser, or a built-in with shelves does not mean that they all need to be full. I will aspire to have some empty space in my cabinets.


No Junk Drawer

I don’t want a junk drawer anymore! I am working on a “landing strip” area for keys and mail. I will try to find a home for everything else, like tools in the toolbox and the office supplies in their own drawer. I don’t want to own junk so I should not need a drawer for it.


A Greener Footprint


No More Plastic Bags

I have a bad habit of forgetting to bring my re-usable bags into stores with me. I intend to bring in my own re-usable bags into stores with me from now on. One product that looks interesting is the Grommet. I also purchased recycled doggie bags to use when I walk Bongo instead of using the big plastic grocery bags. I am happy to take suggestions to help me remember this seemingly simple action that makes such a difference.


Use Vinegar for Everything

Vinegar is much better for the environment than chemicals and I keep finding more and more uses for it, externally and internally. I just used it to clean my engagement ring and it looks just as shiny as it would using a chemical jewelry cleaner. Here is a great article about 95 uses for vinegar.


A More Meaningful Existence


No More Hangovers

If I had the symptoms of a hangover, but knew that I had not had a drop of alcohol the night before, I would admit myself to the E.R. thinking that I was on my deathbed. But, it’s just a hangover, so I can’t complain about it. Putting my body through this kind of suffering because of drinking is immature and irresponsible. I work very hard to take care of myself and I do not want to put my body through this anymore. Drinking in moderation and having a glass of water between alcoholic beverages is my plan to stay hangover free this year.


No More Sunburn

We all know by now that overexposure to the sun can cause pre-mature aging and the “C” word. I love, love, love being in the sun, especially with my new fondness of the Salt Life here in Florida. To keep myself from burning I will use and reapply my homemade sunscreen often, wear a large visor (Smiley thinks they are dorky, but I love them!) and promise myself a visit to the Dermatologist for an overall skin check-up.










Learn My Programs

Instead of being frustrated that my camera does not work properly, or complaining that my photos are out of order on my laptop, I intend to learn how to use my programs and devices. Modern technology allows me to do the things that I love to do and I am so thankful for that. I am going to put time aside and learn the features so that I can take full advantage of these wonderful additions to my life.


Do What I Love to Do

DSCN2246I have really narrowed down things that I love to do. I love to play music with my new band (The Screaming J’s!). I love writing this blog. I love being a part of a community of people who want to live a more simple life. I love having a meaningful job. I love going to the beach and I love watching sunsets. I want to try some new things this year like becoming an excellent doodler and learning the harmonica.






Give More

I have been saying it and saying it and I am going to put my words into actions in 2016. I am going to spend more time doing charity this year. Giving is such a win/win. The feelings achieved by helping others is better than anything you can treat yourself to at the mall. I will be writing more about what I decide to do in future posts.


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