From Mountains to Molehills

Ten Easy Ways to Turn Your Mountain into a Molehill


The idea of owning less and living in a clutter free environment sounds great to many of us.  Living a life with less consumerism and more time and money to do the things that we love to do can seem like an amazing concept, however getting started can seem overwhelming.  When we look around at the mountains of bargains and drawers filled with “just in case” items, minimalism can seem like something unobtainable.  By taking the molehill approach with small simple steps the transition can be easy, rewarding and addictive!  Each step in turning mountains into molehills brings us closer to a more simple and meaningful life.  There is no need to wait to reap the rewards of minimalism.  Each garage sale or trip to Goodwill is a step closer to our goals and deserves to be acknowledged.  Or even celebrated!


Here are Ten Easy Ways to Turn Your Mountain into a Molehill

  1. Use the 20/20 Rule: If it costs less than 20 dollars and would take you less than 20 minutes to replace, toss it.  You only need one roll of masking tape, not twenty. Toss the nineteen rolls and make space in that drawer!
  2. Use the 90/90 Rule: If you have not used the item in 90 days and do not plan on using in the next 90 days get rid of it.  If you are more comfortable having a 120/120 Rule that’s fine too.  If the item is not bringing you value remember it is just taking up space in your home and in your life.  Read more about The Minimalists 90/90 rule here:
  3. Start the 30 Day Challenge: Each day of the month you get rid of that many items.  By the end of the month you will have removed over 500 things!  See more about the 30 Day Challenge here:
  4. Digitize your life: Have a scanning weekend.  Scan everything that you do not need a hard copy of.  Scan greeting cards, favorite pages of your High School yearbook, all photos, papers and receipts.  You do not need to save user manuals as they are available online.
  5. Replace your books with a Nook: Keep your favorites if you must, but unloading the weight of your books makes for more space and less dusting.  I use the Kindle Application for my I-Pad.
  6. Let go of heirlooms: Find other family members who may enjoy Grandma’s China or Hummel collection.  Do you really need these artifacts to remember special people in your life?   Take a digital picture of it and pass it on.
  7. Don’t feel guilty unloading unwanted gifts: Let people know that you are trying out minimalism and you have stopped collecting frog figurines.
  8. Clean, sell or share your car: If you must keep your car remove all items from the inside and the trunk.  When the vehicle is completely empty get it washed and detailed. Put back only the things that you need.  You will automatically feel like a minimalist!  Try this with your desk at work.  Try this with your night table.  Try this tactic with everything!  Remove it all, clean it well and only put back only what you need or brings you joy.
  9. Take one room at a time: The kitchen is a great place to start.  Use the 90/90 Rule and ask yourself if each item brings joy or meaning to your life.
  10. Sell, donate, gift or toss: You can make extra cash to pay off debt or put towards a nice vacation by selling your items on eBay.  You can feel good about yourself by gifting or donating to your local charities.  Some things just need to be thrown away.  From now on, when tempted to make a purchase, remember how much effort it takes to get it out of your life and you may think twice about what you bring in.

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