A Small Sample of Simplicity

Risk Free Simplicity Sampling

Is the idea of living a simple life with less stuff intriguing to you? Do you think the benefits of owning less will bring you more happiness? Do you no longer consider shopping a sport? Are you tired of organizing, fixing and replacing your stuff but don’t know how to stop the cycle? We have all been conditioned to work hard to buy stuff our whole lives. This thought process or belief system does not usually change overnight. Taking small steps to make sure this is a lifestyle that you can live with is of big importance. You do not want to throw away everything you have worked so hard for, only to logo_blackrealize that you miss it all and want to replace every last baseball card or Pashmina you sold. I personally doubt that you will have lasting regret once the stuff is gone. As soon as you have your first empty closet, or drawer even, the good “stuff” will arrive. This is the kind of stuff that does not cost money. The less stuff you own, the more time, money, patience, peace, fill in the blank, you will have. I am going to share a simple experiment so that you can get a feel for what it’s like to live in a minimal environment and experience the benefits of living with less, without getting rid of ANYTHING!

 When looking to make a big lifestyle change, it’s best to start small.

When looking to make a big lifestyle change, it’s best to start small. This experiment was a homework assignment given by instructor Joshua Becker during A Simple Year, an online course I took last year. This particular experiment was a catalyst to my Minimalist lifestyle goals so I wanted to share it with you. If you are serious about living a simple life with less stuff, I truly think this is a great place to start. This experiment requires minimal effort and delivers maximum results. Big and Small at it’s finest!

The One-Week Clean Kitchen Counter Experiment

  • Step One: Take everything off of your kitchen counter – EVERYTHING
  • Step Two: Clean the counter
  • Step Three: Do not put anything back on that surface for one week
  • Step Four: Decide what goes back on the counter

After completing this experiment I only put four things back on my counter and I still keep it that way, most of the time. An unexpected bonus of having all that space is that I feel lighter and calmer. I did not realize that my cluttered space contributed to my cluttered mind.


Please send any before and after pictures to my Facebook Page or post your comments here. I would love to hear how this experiment works for you!

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