All You Need is Love


What’s Love Got to do With It?

What if everything you ate was delicious, everything you wore looked great on you and everything you did made you happy? What if everyone in your life was an amazing person who made you feel special and wonderful? What if your work was extremely meaningful? What if stress and anxiety was replaced with peace and tranquility?

Sounds great but unrealistic, right? It would not be believable if I told you that you would love getting a tooth pulled or paying your taxes. It would not be believable that the World would find peace and there would be no more violence, hunger or crime. What is believable is that you can create a life that includes more love. How? Simple. By removing everything that you do not love, leaving only what you do love.

Love it or Leave It
Do you keep things in your home that you do not love? Here are some reasons that people keep something that they do not love.

  • They invested a lot of money on it
  • They don’t have the money to replace it
  • Maybe it will grow on them

Do you have relationships in your life that you do not love? Here are some reasons that people keep a relationship in their lives that they do not love.

  • They invested a lot of time on the relationship
  • They do not want to be lonely
  • They are obligated to have this person in their lives
  • They are used to them

Do you spend your time doing things that you do not love?  Here are some reasons that people spend time doing something that they do not love.

  • They have to pay the bills
  • They have family obligations
  • They want to stay busy

If you keep things in your home, people in your life and do things that you do not enjoy doing then you are not surrounding yourself with love.

Surrounding yourself with love means that you love your belongings, you love the people in your life and you love the activities that you do. If you do not love these things, then these things no longer serve you and therefore you will be better off getting these things out of your life to make room for the love you deserve.

If you shed the things, activities and people from your life, your life may seem empty at first, however having free space in your life or your home can be liberating. You can take the time that you need to decide what you let back into the space you have created. Wouldn’t you rather have free space than have all your space filled up with things, people and activities that you do not love?

All You Need is Love

I know it sounds easier than it looks. Getting rid of belongings that you do not love but are used to having around or are not able to replace may be difficult. Even more difficult is deciding to remove people from your life. It’s not easy to quit a job you dislike when you have bills to pay. Removing the things from your life that you do not love takes courage. It may take some time and planning. You will never be able to love everything, everybody and everything you do. What you can strive for is to omit as many of the things that you do not love as you can, to create space for as much love as possible.

Your HomeIMG_1225
Look around your house. Do you have things that you do not love? You may even have things that you do not like. Ask yourself why you keep these items. If you feel obligated to keep something because it was a gift or for sentimental value, don’t let it become a burden. Let it go to make room in your home for something that you will truly enjoy.

Your Heart
Breaking up is hard to do. But if you surround yourself with people who bring you down, take your sparkle or stunt your growth, you owe it to yourself to move on from those relationships. It’s your life and life is short. Spend time nurturing loving relationships that are a two-way street. Let go of the relationships that do not serve you without guilt. Be thankful for the invaluable life lessons they have taught you. Allow yourself to heal from any pain they have caused you and make room in your heart for loving people.

Your Time
Clock Doodle (1)Your time is your greatest gift. You deserve to enjoy every minute on this Earth. We are not here to suffer. We are not here to do meaningless work, pay taxes and die. Why not figure out what you love to do and do it? Saying yes to something that you really do not want to do takes you away from things that you may really love. Why not hold out for things that you love? Doing meaningful work would be ideal, however that may not be a possibility for you right now. Finding activities in your daily life that are meaningful to you will make your existence fulfilling and joyful.

Your Home, Your Heart and Your Time

Start taking small steps to create surroundings that give you comfort and peace. Begin to open your heart to accept love from people around you. Try some new things that give your life meaning and purpose. Take away what you don’t love to allow space for things that you do love to find a place in your life. Fill your home, your heart and your time with as much love as possible.


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